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Many people have appeared in their lives. They can’t see things at night, and even blindness. This is mainly due to the lack of vitamin a in the body.

The main manifestation is the effect on the eyes. For vitamin a supplementation, it is better to eat more animals, liver and dairy products. So how to supplement vitamin a is effective?

The chemical of vitamin A, called retinol, was the first vitamin found.

There are two types of vitamin A.

One is vitamin A alcohol; the other is carotene, which is converted into a preform of vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A from animal foods is mainly found in animal livers, milk and dairy products and poultry eggs.

Although the vitamin A of animal food can be directly absorbed and utilized by the human body, because the feed must be metabolized by the animal liver, some harmful substances will be deposited in the liver, thereby affecting human health.

In addition, excessive consumption of animal viscera can easily cause vitamin A and vitamin D poisoning, so you can eat it twice a week.

Vitamin A from carotene is a preformed substance that is converted into vitamin A in the body, and is rich in plant foods such as carrots.

Carrots contain a large amount of beta-carotene, which is currently the safest food to supplement vitamin A.

It can maintain the health of the eyes and skin, improve night blindness, rough skin, and cause damage to free radicals in the body. It can not only generate heat energy in the body’s resisting tissues, control the temperature rise due to colds, and it contains special substances”Anti-cold factor” can directly resist the cold virus and accelerate recovery.

Should not be taken with acidic substances such as vinegar.