[How to make chestnuts with chopsticks]_Homemade methods of chestnuts with chopsticks

Maybe you have a lot of friends, but you can’t stay with them every day.

Even if you stay together every day, you are definitely not going to cook for yourself.

Therefore, in order to survive better, the following editors will teach you how to cook chestnuts and baby dishes.


Ingredients: Baby vegetable chestnut wolfberry chicken soup chicken oil white sugar salt pepper starch 2.

Wash the baby dishes 3.

Cut the strip 4.

Wash chestnuts and cut a small mouth with a knife 5.

Heat the shell 6 in a microwave oven.

The wolfberry was washed with cold water bubbles, and the starch was mixed with cold water.

Pour the chicken broth into a pan and boil, season with sugar and salt, and sprinkle with pepper.

Push the chopped baby dish sticks into the pan flatly, and keep the baby dishes neat and don’t loose 9 after entering the pot.

Add chestnuts and boil over medium heat.

In the process of cooking, shake the pot back and forth, turn the spoon once when the soup is 60% dry, and burn the baby vegetables thoroughly with water starch.

Finally pour cooked chicken oil 12.

Sprinkle a few pieces of wolfberry garnish after the tartar sauce has melted.

The housewives read the introduction of Xiaobian, have you been unable to hold back?

Then hurry into our kitchen and break out of our own chestnut chop baby dishes in our own world.