[Can Puer tea be cold]_Can you drink it_Can you drink it

Now, Pu’er tea has become a very popular tea. Not only do people drink Pu’er tea for health in old age, many office workers also drink Pu’er tea at work to relieve mental fatigue.

Pu’er tea generally needs to be hot after brewing.

However, some people feel that it is too hot and will drink Pu’er tea after cooling down.

So, can Puer tea be cold?

Puer tea can be drunk within two hours after being poured. It is better to drink hot water. If it is left for too long, there are several disadvantages: first, the tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, and aromatic substances in the tea.Pectin, carbohydrates, etc. reduce the nutrition in tea water due to auto-oxidation; the second is that the tea will be continuously contaminated with microorganisms in the surrounding environment;, Especially those with cold or cough.

Attach a few taboos about tea: 1.

Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach, tea into the lungs will cold the spleen and stomach.


Avoid hot tea, preferably below 56 ° C.


Avoid drinking cold tea, cold stagnation, sputum accumulation.


Avoid brewing for too long to prevent oxidation and contamination by bacteria.


Avoid brewing many times, harmful trace elements in tea will be brewed at the end.


Avoid drinking before meals, tea will dilute stomach acid.


Avoid drinking tea immediately after meals. The precipitated acid in tea will affect digestion.


Do not take tea with medicine. Adding acid to tea will affect the efficacy.


Avoid drinking overnight tea, tea will deteriorate for a long time.


Avoid drinking tea after drinking, drinking tea to hurt the kidneys.


Avoid strong tea, caffeine is addictive and poisoning.


Teas that should not be higher are: burnt tea, mildew tea, skewer tea.