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Steamed oysters are also a very common cooking method in seafood such as oysters. This cooking method largely preserves the original flavor of oysters, which makes the oysters become more and more original when they are eatenAnd there will not be any loss of nutrients in it. The most important thing is that this cooking method is relatively simple in the production process and not so complicated.

1 Prepare oysters.

2 Wash each oyster with a washing brush.

3 Minute chives and garlic.

4 Prepare the garlic and chopped peppers.

(I bought it off-the-shelf in the supermarket) Add 5 sets of salad oil to the fire.

6 When the oil temperature is 30% to 40%, add the scallion chopped and garlic fried.

7 Then add the right amount of steamed fish stew oil (add less).

8 Add a small amount of cooking wine.

(Rarely) 9 Then put it in a small bowl and set aside.

10 At this point, place the cleaned oysters in the prepared cage drawer.

Steam over high heat for 5 minutes.

11 Then open the shell of each oyster, pour the juice one by one, sprinkle a small amount of garlic and chopped peppers, and you are ready to eat!

1, steamed fish stew oil and cooking wine should be put in small quantities, decomposition changes the oyster taste.

2. Open the pot when steaming the oysters.

3, put two pieces of garlic and chopped peppers slightly spicy, you can use alternative mustard to fishy (because children do not like the taste of mustard).

Friends who don’t like can keep it.

Steamed oysters are steamed in a steam box.

Oyster is a kind of marine life known as “milk in the sea”. It is the essential protein and trace elements of the human body.

Oysters have more to eat, but foodies have always respected raw food.

Especially when it is eaten raw, its nutritional value is extremely high.

The taste of oysters will be even more delicious if the white wine with dry taste is added.

1. Remove the spinach from the roots, clean it, cut into 3 cm pieces, and cook in boiling water. Then remove the drained water and dry, cut the red bell pepper into 3 cm shreds. 2. Lift the fresh oyster shells.Open, rinse the oyster meat and oyster shells with running water, remove the oyster meat, and marinate with lemon lemon juice, salt and pepper for 5 minutes;Then, stir-fry the spinach and red peppers for a while, then stir in the salt and black pepper and stir-fry. 4. Cut the fried spinach and red peppers into 5 portions and fill in 5 1/2 oysters.In the shell, add 5 parts of oyster meat to the oyster shell again; 4. Finally, sprinkle the mashed parmesan cheese on the oyster meat, put it in an oven preheated to 200 degrees, and bake for 5 minutes to melt the cheese.