[Can babies eat honey]_ children_ role

Honey is a food with many functions. Drinking honey can not only condition the body, but also make the skin fairer.

The biggest effect of honey brought by everyone is laxative, so if you have constipation, you can improve it by drinking honey.

Too many parents let their baby eat honey when their baby is constipated.

So, is it good for babies to eat honey?

1. Can babies eat honey? Babies under 1 year old should not eat “honey”.

Foreign scientists have found that soil and dust around the world often contain a bacterium called “botulinum toxin”, and bees often bring pollen and honey with fungus back to the beehive during the process of pollen brewing, so that honey is affected.Poisoned by botulinum, the baby is stable due to insufficient balance of microbial ecology in the body, and has poor disease resistance. It is easy for botulinum to multiply in each other and produce toxins, and the detoxification function of the liver is poor, causing meatToxic food poisoning.

Adults have strong resistance. After eating honey, botulinum spores will not multiply and develop into botulinum and produce botulinum toxin in the body, so they will not develop disease.

Babies with honey poisoning may have symptoms such as delayed paralysis, weak crying, weak suckling, and difficulty breathing.

Therefore, in order to prevent problems beforehand and ensure the healthy growth of babies, it is advisable for babies under 1 year of age not to feed honey.

2. The benefits of eating honey for young children Contraindications for children to eat “honey” Honey is mild in nature, slightly cooler, has the effect of enhancing bowel movements, and can significantly change the time of defecation, so it should be used with caution for children with gastrointestinal dysfunction, bloating or diarrheaHoney, so as not to aggravate the condition.

3, eat the “honey” method of fresh mature honey can be eaten directly, or it can be formulated into an aqueous solution, because the aqueous solution is more easily absorbed than pure honey.

But remember not to use boiled water to cook or cook the honey at high temperature, because irrational heating will seriously destroy the nutrients and active enzymes in the honey, make the color of the honey darker, the aroma will be volatile, and the taste will change.

4. The best time for children to eat “honey” is that the time for children to eat honey is very particular, usually 1-1 before meals.

It is more convenient to eat it for 5 hours or 2-3 hours after a meal, because eating honey at this time does not affect the child’s normal diet, but also helps the body’s digestion and absorption, and promotes the child’s appetite.

Consuming honey before sleep every night for babies with poor sleep can promote sleep, because honey has soothing and nourishing effects and improves sleep.