[How to make colorful and colorful buns]_Homely practice of colorful and colorful buns_How to make colorful and colorful buns_How to make colorful and colorful buns

The colorful and colorful buns are very healthy and affordable. The ingredients do not need to be too complicated if you make them yourself, and you can cook a food with a strong family flavor. Children and friends also like to eat this dish. You can add peas according to different methods.Carrots, potatoes, bacon and other ingredients, mix with your favorite ingredients.

1. Melt the yeast in warm water, add flour 2, and knead the dough until it is smooth. 3. Fermented flour is divided into two portions, and one portion is added with matcha powder.

Knead smooth.

4, fermented bread into the chives, slowly close the mouth, pinch the pattern.

You can load 5 steamed goods, which is 6 made with white flour. Leave a little white flour, roll into thin slices, and put green onions on top.

7, put the green onion roll 8 and cut into four, two plates together, press with chopsticks in the middle, the beautiful flower rolls out.

9. Steam on the pot for fifteen minutes.

10, these are two flower rolls 11. Matcha tea is delicious. Winter is here. Make a colorful bun for your family and children, which can fill your stomach and allow them to taste more delicious food together.Eating a happy dinner can’t be happier.