[How to cook dried squid]_How to make_How to make

There are many people who like to eat squid. Some people think that the taste of squid is very delicious. Squid tastes chewy. Squids usually have more practices and can be made into various snacks.They are very popular with everyone. Dried squid is also a food we usually see. Dried squid is just like squid, and there are many ways to eat it. How can the dried squid be prepared?

How to make dried squid?

Colored pepper squid practice: 1.

First prepare 150g dried squid, the right amount of oil, the right amount of colored peppers, the right amount of ginger flakes, the right amount of dried peppers, the right amount of raw soy sauce, the right amount of old soy sauce, the right amount of chicken essence, wash the colored peppers and cut into shreds 2.

Ginger is washed and cut into slices. After the dried squid is soaked, remove it, rinse it, and cut it into even shreds. Then pour the water into the pot and boil it. Add the squid shreds for half a minute and remove 3.

After that, pour the oil into the pan and heat until warm, add ginger slices and stir-fry, then pour into squid, pour cooking wine, put in dry pepper, pour raw soy sauce and old soy sauce, and stir-fry the bell peppers.Season with chicken essence.

The practice of squid dried lotus root pork bone soup: 1.

First prepare 600g of pork big bones, 350g of glutinous rice, 200g of dried squid, the right amount of salt, 2 sweet corns, the right amount of ginger, the right amount of cooking wine, the right amount of white vinegar, and then soak the dried squid in soft saline.

After that, remove the squid, dry it, wash it, put the ribs in the pot, pour in the water, boil it after the high heat, add the ginger, pour the cooking wine, remove the blood, remove it, rinse it and put it in the casserole.

Add squid and ginger slices, and pour in enough water. Boil on high heat and simmer for 2 hours. Wash the lotus root, peel and cut into large pieces, and cut the corn into segments. After two hours, pour lotus root and corn.4.

After the high heat boils, simmer for 40 minutes on low heat, and finally season with salt.

The practice of dried squid and eggplant: 1.

First prepare 400g eggplants, 1 dried squid, the right amount of oil, the right amount of chives, 1 pepper, the right amount of garlic, then soak the dried squid and clean it and cut it into filaments 2.

After the eggplant is cleaned, go to the beginning and end, cut into long strips, then heat the pan and pour in the oil. After the heat, add the eggplant to fry until the surface is slightly yellow. Remove and filter the oil, then drain the excess oil and leave底油 3。 Base oil 3.

Add the garlic slices after the heat, stir fry and add the squid, stir fry for 20 seconds, pour the eggplant, stir fry for a while, then pour in oyster sauce, continue to fry, and put the pepper and green onion before the pan.

How to soak dried squid: Clear water: Generally families will directly soak in clear water, which is considered to be more convenient and quick, and it can expand the squid quickly, but you may find that the taste of dried squid may be slightly worse.

Alkaline water: first pour warm water into the large pot, then put in the dried squid and soak for 12 hours, remove the water from the large pot after removing it, re-water, and put in alkaline water, soak for three hours and removeOut, rinse with tap water for ten minutes.

High-concentration alkali: first put the alkali into the large pot, pour water, the ratio of alkali to water is 1: 2, then soak the dried squid in water for two hours, remove it and put it in the alkaline water for three times.Overnight, rinse repeatedly after removing.

Sesame oil: Put the alkali in warm water, pour a small amount of sesame oil, mix well, pour in dried squid, soak and soften, then remove and rinse.