Nutritional Recipes for Jujube Soup Soup

Introduction: Many dietary habits in life are related to our own health. When facing various nutrition, how do we choose, this is a question directly related to health.

How to choose nutrition?

How to choose a diet?

Eating anyway will have a certain impact on the body.

A nutritional recipe for red jujube soup and wine.

  The benefits and reconciliation of jujube mainly lie in jujube meat.

The flavor of jujube skin is slightly different from that of jujube meat. It is not a tonic, but a function of “Xin San”.

We usually eat jujube soup or red jujube soup, which are cooked together with the skin, just to reconcile.

If you only want to benefit, you can cook jujube alone.

  Jujube soup: Picked jujubes, washed, and eat jujube soup.

You can eat about 10 at a time, and you will be full if you eat more.

If the platelets are low, you can add raw peanuts to the red jujube soup and cook together.

  Jujube puree: After the jujube is cooked, peeled, pitted, and mixed to become jujube puree.

Add some sugar and put it in the refrigerator and eat it as a snack.

When making homemade dumplings, when making rice cakes, the date puree is used as a filling stuffing to form the date puree dumplings.

  Red date porridge: Red dates can also be cooked with rice to make red date porridge, or red date rice, which is delicious and delicious.

White sugar, glutinous rice lotus heart, red date porridge, not only delicious, but also nourish the body, can improve sleep, nourish Yin and sweat.

Babao rice can also be added with date puree to increase the benefit.

  Red jujube wine: Take the red jujube, about 500 grams, add it to a large mouth bottle, add the good sorghum wine, and then add an appropriate amount of white sugar or rock sugar, store it for about 1 month, and drink.

Those who can drink can supplement about 20 ml per day to nourish the body. It is suitable for those who have cured cancer and need to nourish qi and blood.

  Editor reminds: In order to develop healthy eating habits, we need to do everything in our lives.

The evil comes from the mouth, the sick comes from the mouth. In order to stay away from disease and healthy body, we must always pay attention to how to eat healthy.

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